Saturday, May 14, 2005

Vellum Early Screenshot

Vellum is really coming along now. The initial work integrating GTK with Pygame at a basic level is done. I can download and display icons. More importantly, I have the framework of the object model for representing these things in the program, and a clear understanding of the requirements.

In addition, on the IRC bot side, VellumTalk steadily gets smarter and better. It now understands how to subscribe an irc nick to its private messages channel, so the GM can see the results of all players' secret die rolls (with context). I'm currently in the process of rewriting the whole parsing mess in IRC using pyparsing, and that's going swimmingly.

This is the fun part, when development steadily accelerates and things change visibly very quickly.


Jeff Hodges said...

Interesting. What kind of work went into producing a widget that would display the pygame window?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your pyparsing efforts are "going swimmingly." :) Drop me a note if pyparsing is not behaving as you would expect.

Coincidentally, I wrote a mini-adventure text command parser ("GO FORWARD", "TAKE COIN", "INV", etc. - harkens back to the days of "Colossal Cave"), which I am going to use as some kind of documented example, either with pyparsing or as part of an article. Would this command parsing sample help you?

-- Paul (ptmcg_at_austin_dot_rr_dot_com)