Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Thought I'd get this out there, since everyone else will too.

Not that this game was hard, mind you. I solved the whole thing in about an hour. But I like making maps, and inkscape is fun to use, so here you go: (walkthrough below) If you don't see the svg map, try visiting the actual blog, and use firefox 1.5.

  1. use claws (+1), get bone (+2), use bone (+3)
  2. north, get flask
  3. west, look inside log, get coins (+2)
  4. (look inside log, get dank log insides :-)
  5. e, e, talk to man, give coins to man (+2)
  6. w, n, give corn to bird (+2)
  7. n, talk to monk, get stein (+1), s (+3)
  8. s, e, e, s, talk to barkeep, use stein (+2) - remember what Kigalonian looks like!
  9. n, n, talk to kigalonian, choose the correct one (+2)
  10. s, e, knock, ask for ketchup (+3)
  11. w, w, w, w, look scrapbook, talk to hag, use ketchup on head (+2)
  12. talk to hag, answer her questions (hope you read the scrapbook!) (+4)
  13. e, e, s, give bird to troll (+2)
  14. (look stream :-)
  15. s, open door, use glove (+1)
  16. get flask. You know what to do here. (+6).