Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome - no extensions!

So, ugh. Chrome does not support extensions. That means no Adblock Plus, no NoScript, no FireGPG, and all those other tweaks we all rely on to get through our day - for each of us, a different set of tweaks, adding up to thousands of features Google won't be developing on its own and therefore nobody will have.

They have to rectify this situation, or quickly see Chrome fork (or worse for them - an anti-Chrome developer groundswell). I can only assume that this is a temporary situation. To tell them what you think, and in the hopes that this situation is only temporary (it's a 0.2 browser right now, after all) go to the support link.


Anonymous said...

they will, silly. Just not yet. They have a framework and are going to add extension capabilities in a bit.

Vincent McNabb said...

Well, NoScript can be emulated by starting Chrome with the following command:
chrome -disable-javascript

If you want to block ads, you can install Privoxy

Not quite as handy as having extensions, but they work just as well.

Anonymous said...

LOL noscript is a whitelist based javascript blocker, you cannot emulate by disabling javascript

SneakyWho_am_i said...

Yeah Vincent that's helpful but irrelevant. Noscript doesn't disable javascript, it protects you from malicious web applications (mostly and originally as scripts). There's a big difference.

I can disable some scripts but not others, or just block flash, or have scripting going in one tab and not another. It protects you against certain router hacks, many known and even unknown types of cross site scripting exploits, and even some foul web trackers.

MOST of noscript's functions have nothing to do with javascript itself and would still affect users with javascript turned off.

Even if you allow all javascript in noscript, it is still protecting you from other kinds of attacks and a great number of annoyances.

I'm sure you get the point.

Having said that... It's just an awareness drive. With a name like "noscript", it's easy to misunderstand.

Being able to disable javascript in google chrome is important (it's what I came here to look for) but that's not really related to the firefox extension NoScript, which these days largely deals in things which don't require javascript at all.