Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is that part in the painting where God's finger touches Adam's

I've been making very exciting progress on Goonmill lately.  The user interface has undergone a complete overhaul, and I undertook a lot of interesting challenges in getting a precise, cross-browser layout with a maximum focus on GM usability.

I've gotten it up to the point where I can use it myself by maintaing (with Tomboy) a Dogfood list, a list of everything I've noticed which would annoy me too much to use it.  As I go through and fix things, I would add to the list, so the list continually gets longer but the things remaining to fix still get shorter over time because I fix more than I find.

As of this writing, that list is 39 items, with 33 crossed off.

I really feel like Goonmill is going to become a useful resource to other people, and I'm looking forward to doing some blog posts or maybe even some kind of lightning talk somewhere on the application of Athena, Twisted and Prototype to a real, modern-look-and-feel web application with a purpose.

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