Friday, June 27, 2008

Goonmill - seeking art

I am moving into the final phase before a first release of Goonmill. I am seeking art for any of the monsters found in the D&D 3.5e SRD.
  • The art must be CC-licensed, public domain, or otherwise free to distribute for any purpose. If CC licensed, it may be of the 'attribution' or 'no derivatives' types, but it must not be 'non-commercial'. Goonmill is arguably a commercial effort, even if it is open source.
  • The more uncommon the creature for which you found art, the better. I think I can cover orcs, humans, goblins, human skeletons, human ghosts, and human zombies pretty easily. Variations are welcome.
  • You may of course contribute your own art to the cause, as long as you are willing to license it compatibly.
  • Honestly, I'm not that picky about quality or style at this point. I am looking for 2d art, not models, though. Feel free to render your models to 2d art.
  • Prefer an isometric viewpoint, but not required.
I am collecting this art for use with the D&D 3.5 SRD monsters. It will be released freely once collected. Goonmill will use it as part of the application, but in addition the entire database of art and creature stats will be available for use in other applications or for any other purpose. The "any other purpose" part is why the art must not be CC-NC licensed.


Catdragon said...

What monsters do not have images for?

Cory said...

Catdragon: my newest post has a detailed sample sheet, everything I have and everything I need. See here: